Yao Fei
Yao Fei Byron Mann
General Information
Real name: Yao Fei
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Byron Mann
Equipment: Bow and Arrow



Yao Fei is an expert archer and a mentor to Oliver Queen, and a prisoner on Lian Yu, having been considered extremely dangerous by the Chinese Government. Little is known about Yao Fei's past aside from him once being part of the Chinese Military. According to Edward Fyers, he was a prisoner at the Lian Yu detention facility. Yao Fei is also the father of Shado and her twin sister Mei Fei

Meeting Oliver Queen

When Oliver Queen is marooned on the island, he finds Yao on the run from Fyers' men. Yao treats Oliver's injuries and teaches him some basic survival skills, such as how to hunt for food with a bow and arrow. When Oliver is captured by Yao's pursuers, Yao succeeds in rescuing him, then captures Fyers, intent on using him as a bargaining chip to get himself and Oliver off the island. Unbeknownst to him, he has walked into a trap. Fyers' men, led by Billy Wintergreen, ambush them. Yao instructs Oliver to run while he holds off the mercenaries. Despite his considerable skill, Yao is overpowered and captured.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): In addition to his excellence in far-ranged abilities, Fei has proven his proficiency in close ranged hand to hand combat likewise. This is constantly proven by his ability to take down various armed men, including the mercenary Billy Wintergreen.
  • Master Archer: Yao is a master of Kyūdō, using the bow to hunt for food as well as in combat. He teaches Oliver Queen these same skills.


  • Quiver: Fei uses his quiver to carry his arrows, as Oliver.


  • Bow and Arrows: Yao Fei's signature weapons of choice, they compliment his expert archery skills well to perform as very effective tools of offense.




  • Yao Fei gave Oliver his First Scar.
  • Yao Fei, in the DC Comics Universe, is a superhero known as Accomplished Perfect Physician, and a member of the Great Ten, a team of Chinese Superheroes.


  • It was the First Live Action Appearance of Yao Fei. It was also his the First Appearance outside of the Mainstream Comic Books.

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