The Outsiders
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General Information
Founder(s): Arrow Clan
Sword Clan
Spear Clan
Fist Clan
Shield Clan
Axe Clan
Mask Clan
Leader(s): Formerly:
Current Members: Magus
John Butcher
Emiko Queen
Former Members: Robert Queen
Status: Active
Base of Operations: Prague


The Outsiders

The Outsiders


The Outsiders are a secret society composed of various clans built around ancient totem weapons. They started fighting the corruption and evil around the world but sadly after a time ended up splitting apart along with corrupting themselves as well. They are composed of various clans that are each a symbol of ancient totem weapons these weapons are Arrow, Sword, Spear, Axe, Fist, Shield and Mask they are lead by a man named Golgotha. He and the rest of The Outsiders are currently active at there main headquarters in Prague. Each of The Outsiders various Clan's Totems are ancient relics that say bring true enlightenment and immortality to it's holder.

Komodo's War with Green Arrow

Recently Komodo started a war with Oliver Queen which lead him to learn of The Outsiders existence along with the secret connection they have to his family and his time on The Island. Oliver Queen learned all of this information from Former Members of The Outsiders Magus and John Butcher who also helped him in his war with Komodo. Later on after the events with Komodo Oliver Queen learned more information about The Outsiders from Shado and the dark secret connection they have to his own family. She tells him that his father Robert Queen spent many years of his life looking for the Arrow Clan's Arrow Totem also known as The Green Arrow. While trying to search for this relic during his life it ended up ultimately bringing him to his own death at the hands of his close friend Komodo.

The Outsiders War

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