The Flash
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General Information
Real name: Barry Allen
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Grant Gustin



Barry Allen also known as The Flash is a Forensic Scientist from Central City who works for The Central City Police Department.

Powers and Abilities



  • Genius Level Intellect: Barry is shown to be very intelligent, as proven by his many accurate theories about The Arrow, believing that he trained in a tropical environment because of his green clothing, and that he has one or more accomplices, including one with a background in computer sciences. Barry is very well aware of all the foes Oliver has gone up against as The Arrow, including The Dodger, The Huntress, The Dollmaker, and Count Vertigo. This was shown when he was able to cure Oliver Queen after he was injured by Cyrus Gold and consequently poisoned.
  • Chemistry: Barry is an expert in chemistry, shown when he was terrified that nitric acid was next to hydrazine, and permanganate on top of acetone; describing all 4 chemicals as the definition of dangerous. His expertise was also shown when he used an unknown type of chemicals to make a compressible micro-fabric green domino mask for Oliver, so he can conceal his identity more effectively than the grease paint Oliver was previously using.
  • Criminology: Despite just being a forensic science assistant, Barry is shown to be a highly skilled forensic examiner.




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