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Hello Rod, thank you for your suggestion I help with the other wikis.  This is about the Killer Moth page in that the information redacted from my previous edit is incorrect.

Granted it refers to a seperate character in the DC mythos but that doesn't change the character's gackground or who created him.  Killer Moth wasn't created by Jeff Lemire or Andrea Sorrentino and to state the wikis information as otherwise is direct misinformation.  Also his identity isn't unknown because the Green Arrow mythos exists within the DC continuity with that respective story being tied directly to Zero Year and in it we know who Killer Moth is (Drury Walker).

At the very least clarification would be in order (E.G. First appearance:  Batman #63 (February, 1951) </br/> First appearance in Green Arrow story:  Green Arrow (Vol 5) #25).  Not to mention the fact that he has a breathing mask and cocoon gun within the Green Arrow story he is featured in (even in the bio picture, just look at it) and the removal of that information makes little-to-no sense.  Also, all of the information provided on the page is within relative context to Green Arrow and the character indapendently with no minimal-to-no elements featured outside of the mythos' context.

I would please encourage you to consider not adding misinformation or removing accurate contextual information to/from articles, especially when the original variant had misinformation.

From User:MaleficiousVillain

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