Taiana Elysia Rotaru
General Information
Real name: Taiana
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Elysia Rotaru



Taiana along with her Brother Vlad were slave prisoners for Shadowspire on The Island of Lian Yu. They were taken prisoner by The Team when the yacht they were working on as dive instructors was hijacked with everyone except for her and brother being killed. After becoming prisoner her and her Brother were assigned to cultivate a Drug known as Slam that was currently being grown on The Island by The Team.

Meeting Oliver Queen

After a certain unknown period of time she came across Oliver Queen who was one of the newest Members of Shadowspire that arrived on Lian Yu. However unknown to her, all the prisoners and even Shadowspire themselves he in fact a Operative sent by A.R.G.U.S. to infiltrate Shadowspire and rescue all the prisoners who are slaves of The Team.

War with Conklin

A few days after Oliver Queen assuming he was like the rest of Shadowspire's Members she started trouble along with another worker and stole some of The Slam Drug she was soon caught by a high ranking Shadowspire Member Named Conklin and Oliver Queen who ordered him to make her disappear. Assuming she was going to die she was soon and quickly surprised that Oliver Queen ended up saving her life and brought her to safety to a secluded cave on another part of Lian Yu. She continued to even be more surprised by Oliver Queen when he was able to trick Conklin into believing he killed her and she was dead. Every few days she was checked on by Oliver Queen to see how she was doing while she was in hiding from Shadowspire. However one day he comes to check on her and informs her Brother was killed and Conklin was responsible. Unknown to her what real happen was her Brother was ordered by Conklin to kill Oliver Queen and he was forced to kill her Brother not knowing who he real was and that he was her Brother.

Powers and Abilities


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