General Information
Real name: Roy Harper
Media: Justice League Unlimited
Portrayed by: Mike Erwin (voice)
Equipment: Bow and Arrows, Trick Arrows
Transportation: unidentified


No history or background on Speedy was revealed, except that he used to be Green Arrow's "sidekick".(Speedy insisted that he was his "partner")

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Same as his mentor, he has many Trick Arrows and a bow. He also exhibited some battle skills.


Speedy only appeared in one Justice League Unlimited episode. That episode is Patriot Act.


  • Speedy was never refered to as "Roy" in this episode.
  • Speedy appeared in his "New-Earth" costume, which is the same costume he appeared in on the animated series, Teen Titans.


(Note: all quotes are from the episode Patriot Act)

Green Arrow: Well, you wanted Superman? Now you've got--[Speedy and Crimson Avenger teleport in]-- The Crimson Avenger and my ex-sidekick.

Speedy: Ex-partner.

Green Arrow: Speedy, we gotta do this now?

General Eiling: Oooh, now I'm scared.

General Eiling: You spoiled, weak little twerp!

Green Arrow: I think he means me.

Speedy: Oh. For a second, I was all mad.

[Both archers run out of arrows, except one.]

Green Arrow: Still got your quantum arrow?

Speedy:Yeah, but you said-

Green Arrow: This is an emergency!