General Information
Real name: Roy Harper
Media: Batman: The Brave and The Bold
Portrayed by: Jason Marsden (Voice)
Equipment: Trick Arrows and Bow
Transportation: TBA


No history on Speedy was revealed, although he was working side-by-side with Green Arrow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Same as his mentor, he has many Trick Arrows and a bow. He also exhibited some battle skills. While possessed by Deadman, his battle and acrobatic skills increased enormously.


He has only appeared in one episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold so far: Dawn of The Deadman!


  • Speedy appeared in his original costume.


Speedy: Golly, twelve cities on three continents. He's sure giving us a run for our money.

(Speedy, possessed by Batman's spirit) Arrow, this is Batman. Listen to me carefully. I've taken control of Speedy's body so that I can speak to you.

Green Arrow: Ooo-kay?


Speedy possessed by Batman

(Batman leaves Speedy's body) Speedy: Ugh. What's goin' on?

Green Arrow: You were doing a Batman impression.

Speedy: Gosh! I was?

Green Arrow: And not a very good one. Observe the master. (Lifts up arm pretending to hold up cape and speaks in deep voice) I am Vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman. (Holds up fists) And these are my hammers for justice.

Speedy:(Laughs and claps) Golly, you sure sound-- (possessed by Batman) Listen to me you smug jerk, I'm Batman. (Throws Arrow to the ground) My body is.. in dispose.

Arrow: It is you, isn't it Batman? Wait? Does this mean you're... dead? (Gets up) Who gotcha? Don't tell me it was Kite Man.

Speedy/Batman: It was Gentleman Ghost. And I'm not dead. But if you don't dig up my body at Brickentell cemetery in the next hour... I will be.

Arrow: We're on it.

(Batman leaves)Speedy: Gee whiz... I feel... weird.

Arrow: Come on, Speedy. (Speedy runs away with Arrow, trying to keep his balance.)

(Speedy and Arrow arrive at the cemetery) Speedy: Golly, Green Arrow. This place sure is spooky.

Gentelman Ghost: Stand aside fools, or I shall cast your broken bodies into the pits.

Speedy: Oh yeah? You and what army? (Army of the living dead appear)

Arrow: You never ask that question, Speedy.

(After being possessed by Deadman and performing incredible acrobatic stunts) Speedy: Holy involuntary acrobatics!

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