General Information
Real name: David Drayson
First Appearance: World's Finest #244 (May, 1977)
Created by: Jack C.Harris
Mike Nasser
Abilities: Expert Marksman



David Drayson was poor young man fixed with slings, who grew up in the area known as Swamp in Star City. Over the years, Drayson grew to hate the police whom he saw as symbol of persecution, shortly Drayson became a criminal. After he killed a pollice officer he was sentenced to life imprisonment but escaped from prison and took the name of Slingshot and went to work for a big criminal know as Boss Barney that Green Arrow was trying to capture for years. The Green Arrow defeated the two and they were arrested.

Star City Assassin

Months later, Oliver Queen was sentenced to prison for refusing to reveal who the judge's informant was. While in jail, Ollie found that the Boss Barney and Slingshot were preparing a mass escape. Slingshot cut the electricity causing the cells of the prisoners to open. Ollie prepared to apprehend the criminals with a improvised bow and arrows, made of wood from his bed, but unfortunately was unable to prevent Slingshot from escaping. Soon, Drayson was hired, by a lady named Mrs. Hollinger, to kidnap Black Canary in order to get Green Arrow's attention. Ollie is captured and Mrs. Hollinger reveals that she's the mother of Richard Hollinger, a sniper Green Arrow killed a few years ago. Green Arrow managed to get free and shoot an arrow at Slingshot, not knowing that that Mrs. Hollinger had changed his arrows in the hope that he would kill Slingshot. Ollie ungagged Dinah, who uses her Canary Cry to defeat the villains. Both Mrs. Hollinger and Slingshot were sent to jail. Recently David Drayson was killed by another of Green Arrow's enemies known as Cupid. Cupid was a villain killing off all of Green Arrow's as a way of sending a message to the hero of Star City.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Expert Marksman



  • Slings


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