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General Information
Real name: Shado
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Celina Jade



Shado is the daughter of Yao Fei she was kidnapped and currently being held prisoner on Lian Yu by Edward Fyers. Shado has a Dragon Tattoo on her back near the top left of her back. After her father was recaptured by Edward Fyers and Billy Wintergreen her father is blackmailed and forced by Edward Fyers to work along side him and his team. By forcing her father to work for them Edward Fyers has agreed to not harm her along with have her father under his control so he work for there cause on Lian Yu.

Prisoner on Lian Yu

After Oliver Queen tried to rescue her father just before he was turned in by her father to Edward Fyers and Billy Wintergreen her father tried to explain to Oliver Queen why he can't leave The Island just yet. However before he could explain anymore about Shado he was forced to turn him in. Soon after the rescue and assault on Edward Fyers operation by Slade Wilson her father was allowed 5-Minutes by Edward Fyers to see her were she was being held prisoner. Shado and her father meet again were she is lying on the floor he helps her up as he embraces and consoles his daughter.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Shado's Dragon Tattoo on her back is also seen on Oliver Queen as well.


  • Her Appearance in Arrow will be the First Live Action Appearance of Shado. It was also her First Appearance outside of the Mainstream DC Comic Books.

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