Robert Queen
Robert Queen Jamey Sheridan-1
General Information
Real name: Robert Queen
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Jamey Sheridan



Robert Queen (1958-2007) was the father of Oliver and Thea Queen, and the husband of Moira Queen. He shoots himself dead to save his son and increase his chances of survival after they are shipwrecked.

Death of The Father

During his life, Robert Queen was a rich billionaire who owned Queen Consolidated. However, when he decided to go for a trip with his yacht, Queen's Gambit, they hit a violent storm. The yacht overturned, and he, along with one of the crew members and his son, Oliver, were able to make it to a life boat. They only had one bottle of water, which Robert gave to Oliver, much to the annoyance of the crew member. When all hope seemed lost, Robert crazily shot the crew member along with himself, apparently, to save his son. Oliver buried his father on the island. It was later revealed that the ship was sabotaged by Tempest.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Robert's birth year is currently in dispute. In "Pilot" it was mentioned as 1948, but in the equally canon Arrow #1: Special Edition and Honor Thy Father, it was mentioned as 1958 on his gravestone.


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