Peter Lomax
Pete Lomax
General Information
Real name: Peter Lomax
First Appearance: Detective Comics #549 (April, 1985)
Created by: Alan Moore
Klaus Janson
Abilities: Archery



Pete Lomax is an enemy of Green Arrow. He was a criminal living in Star City who developed exceptional talent at archery. It was suggested to him that he could go on to become a super-villain and he considered getting a costume. Despite this, he set out to prove that normal ordinary people like himself could take down super-heroes if they were smart enough. Listening in on police bands he discovered Green Arrow's location one night and shot Black Canary in the shoulder. Chasing across the rooftops, Lomax taunted that there was nothing special about them and how easy it had been for him to attack. Green Arrow finally cornered him and they had a stand-off that ended when his arrow was nonchalantly deflected and his bowstring was shot off. Lomax then fainted as he believed he was about to get shot off of a rooptop, and Arrow remarked that they don't make criminals as tough as they used to.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Quiver


  • Bow and Arrow


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