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Nicholas Kotero
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General Information
Real name: Nicholas Kotero
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 2) #124
Created by: Chuck Dixon
William Rosado



Nicholas Kotero also known as the Love Boat Killer is an extremely dangerous serial killer from Star City who had a vendetta against Green Arrow. Over the years as an extremely dangerous criminal he has fought both versions of Green Arrow the original Oliver Queen and his successor Connor Hawke.

Meeting Oliver Queen

When Oliver Queen was stranded on a desert island, he encountered another man, who claimed to be a shipwrecked sailor. The two of them worked side by side on the island, building a float and mastering the art of archery together. However, Ollie soon realized that he was in fact the "Love Boat Killer", Nicholas Kotero, known for murdering women on cruise ships. Ollie fought and defeated him but refused to kill him, instead leaving him behind and heading for the nearby Starfish Island.

War with Green Arrow

Many years later, Oliver Queen returned home and became the crime fighting Green Arrow. In recent years, Nicholas Kotero returned and blamed Green Arrow for the deaths of his victims, because Green Arrow did not kill him when he had the chance.Green Arrow put him in prison. After igniting race riots from prison, Nicholas was defeated by Connor Hawke.

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