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Mutajek 9-9
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General Information
Official name: Mutajek 9-9
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 2) #99
Type: Bomb
Used by: Eden Corps



The Mutajek 9-9 is a Russian-developed weapon of mass destruction. It releases a compound into the air that feeds directly on the plastics in all manufactured material, which makes it capable of destroying entire cities in a matter of minutes. An eco terrorist group called the Eden Corps, led by a dangerous sociopath named Hyrax, took control of one and tried to level Metropolis with it. Green Arrow had gone undercover to stop them, and after a fire-fight involving a government agent he was the only man left alive on the plane flying towards their destination. His arm had already been trapped in the device, and it would activate if he removed it. Superman realized the only way to save him and the city was to amputate the arm, although Arrow refused. Rather than allow himself to be crippled, he blew up the plane and died in the explosion when his body was completely vaporized. Green Arrow sacrificed his life to save thousands of people.


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