Moo Gi Gong is a weapons-based Korean martial art practised by several characters in the DCU, including but not limited to Red Arrow, Black Canary, and possibly Richard Dragon.

While many mistake Moo Gi Gong as a standalone technique it is actually 1/4 of the combat systems comprising the Hwa Rang Do martial art, focussing primarily on the mastery of external objects as weapons. Practitioners of Moo Gi Gong must master 108 different types of weaponry within 20 different categories. Mastery of the 108 weapons of Moo Gi Gong improves one’s ability to improvise weapons and (more commonly) predict weapon usage by opponents.

It is interesting to note that Hwa Rang Do, and by extension Moo Gi Gong, is a relatively modern martial art, first appearing less than 40 years ago. In this respect it is more accurately compared to fighting styles such as Sambo or Krav Maga as it foregoes unnecessary flourishes and poses and focuses instead on fast, compact strikes (though Hwa Rang Do is an obscure practice by contrast).