Mei Fei
Mei Fei Celina Jade
General Information
Real name: Mei Fei
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Celina Jade



Mei Fei is The Daughter of the late Yao Fei and Twin Sister of the late Shado. For a brief time she also met her fathers old student and her sisters old boyfriend Oliver Queen and his friends Maseo Yamashiro, Tatsu Yamashiro and their son Akio Yamashiro.

Meeting Oliver Queen

While living in Hong Kong one day she ran into Oliver Queen who mistake for her sister Shado. He along with Akio Yamashiro were in need of help because they were being hunted by A.R.G.U.S. curious as to how he knew her sister she offered them to stay in her apartment. Telling Oliver Queen about her Family's disappearance she asked him how she knew her sister. Oliver Queen told her he went to medical school with her sister however after offering him to use her shower and noticing him having the same tattoo her sister had and how he got it. She called the cops on the two of them however her call was instead picked up by A.R.G.U.S. who soon attacked the apartment. While Oliver Queen was battling A.R.G.U.S. Agents she and Akio Yamashiro hid during the battle. Thankfully all three of them were soon saved by Maseo Yamashiro and Tatsu Yamashiro. In the aftermath of the battle she was told the truth by Oliver Queen on how he knew her father and sister along with their fates of them being dead as well. Thanking him for telling her the truth she felt relieved finally knowing what happen to her family after that she and Oliver Queen parted ways.

Powers and Abilities

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