Martin Somers
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General Information
Real name: Martin N. Somers
First Appearance: Green Arrow (Vol 3) #31 (December, 2003)
Created by: Judd Winick
Phil Hester
Ande Parks
Affiliations: CEO of Elevast Corporation



Martin N. Somers is the president and C.E.O. of Elevast, a company specialized in construction. He's responsible of forcibly and illegally evicting people from the houses standing on the proposed site for his hotels. When Joanna Pierce becomes to investigate his affairs, Somers hires Constantine Drakon to kill her. Despite the girl being protected by Green Arrow, she's ultimately killed by Drakon. Enraged from his niece's death, Black Lightning confronts Somers, and hits him with a bolt, killing him instantly. In reality, Somers was killed by Deathstroke, who hit just a moment before the lightning, but the mercenary found it interesting to see what Pierce's reaction would have been after realizing he had murdered a human being, and chooses to stay silent about his responsibility in the killing.

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