Komodo Matt Ward
General Information
Real name: Simon Lacroix
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Matt Ward



Simon Lacroix also known as Komodo is a Mercenary and a Expert Archer. His reputation as Mercenary along with being an Expert Archer has him being tracked and hunted by A.R.G.U.S. he also among select group of Expert Archers that still exist in the world.

Battle with Green Arrow

Komodo arrivied in Starling City to do a job of killing off Members of Amertek Industries connected to a deal the company was doing his targets were Elrich Kelso, Tim Kaufman, Tom Weston. In the process of doing his job and having successfully killed two of his targets. He soon gained the attention of Starling City Police Department and Team Arrow. Team Arrow believed he was the assassin who killed Sara Lance. During his first attempt at killing Elrich Kelso he was stopped by Green Arrow which quickly turned into an archery battle on motorcycles which he ended up beating Green Arrow only having to escape with the sound of police coming. However soon after he was able to successfully find and kill Elrich Kelso only to be seen by Laurel Lance. Having only one target left Tom Weston he eventually found and located him at a party at Queen Consolidated however he was soon attacked and did battle with both Green Arrow and Arsenal. Realizing he was out numbered he tried to escape but was quickly followed by Green Arrow who he once again did battle with only this time loses and is captured as well. But soon after being captured he is confronted by Laurel Lance ready to kill him for killing her sister. However he claims he doesn't know who Sara Lance is and did not kill her along with having an alibi for the night when Sara Lance was killed. He tells both Green Arrow and Laurel Lance that night he was in Blüdhaven at the time of her death getting drunk at a bar. In the aftermath of the battle with Green Arrow and the confrontation with Laurel Lance Team Arrow checked out Komodo's alibi which ended up proving true that he wasn't in Starling City the night Sara Lance was killed and wasn't her killer.

Powers and Abilities


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