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John Constantine
John Constantine Matt Ryan.jpg
General Information
Real name: John Constantine
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Matt Ryan
Equipment: Black Diamond
Helmet of Fate
Medusa Mask
Pandora's Box
Ace of Winchesters
Sword of Night
Transportation: Chas Chandler's Taxi



John Constantine is a Occult Detective and expert in all thing Supernatural and Magic he's known as Exorcist, Demonologist, and Master of The Dark Arts or as he likes to call it Petty Dabbler of The Dark Arts. He is also The Former Founder and Leader of a Supernatural Team known as The Newcastle Crew. Some his known Friends and Allies are Chas Chandler, Zed Martin and Jim Corrigan. While some of his well known enemies are Manny The Angel and Papa Midnite.

Early Years

He was Born May 10, 1982 in Liverpool, England but sadly the process of his birth killed his Mother and resulted his Father giving him the nickname Killer which he called his son his all his life. Throughout his childhood he suffered from being constantly abused and hit by his alcoholic Father. During his teenage years he started reading everything he could learn and find about the world of the occult. He learned and practiced spells and rituals such as necromancy and conjuring the dead so one day he could conjure his Mother. Also during his teenage years he met Anne Marie who introduced him to the world of the occult and started teaching him as well. As time went on he soon became a true master of the occult.


On a job in Newcastle, England he and his Team were trying to save a young girl of a friend of his name Astra Logue who was being possessed by a Demon. To try and save the girl Constantine summoned an extremely powerful Demon Named Nergal to help get rid of The Demon possessing Astra Logue. However the plan backfired on him and instead of helping Nergal dragged Astra Logue to Hell killing her and damning her Soul for eternity in Hell. The entire Event haunted Constantine for life and damned his own Soul as well for his actions. Following The Event he committed himself into Ravenscar Secure Hospital a mental health facility in England.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic
    • Summoning
    • Pyromancy
    • Necromancy
    • Telekinesis


  • Hand to Hand Combat (Basic)
  • Deception
  • Escapology
  • Occultism




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  • Coming Soon

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