Gregory Osborne
Gregory Osborne
General Information
Real name: Gregory Osborne
First Appearance: Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters #1 (August, 1987)
Created by: Mike Grell
Affiliations: CIA
Portrayed by: Primo Allon



Gregory Osborne is a CIA Agent encountered by Green Arrow during his time in Seattle. He would often use criminal means to fund missions that were not officially sanctioned by his agency. Osborne first comes into conflict with Green Arrow after forming an alliance with shipping magnate Kyle Magnor, who secretly runs a drug trafficking operation. Osborne and Magnor arrange for the trade of $350,000 in unmarked bills for a large amount of cocaine, with the proceeds purportedly directed towards operations that encourage democracy in Central America. Green Arrow, teamed with the Japanese archer Shado, kill Magnor and dismantle his criminal network, however, they are not able to implicate Osborne. Some time later, Osborne allies himself with the Yakuza, in an attempt to acquire World War II-era treasure buried in the Phillipines. When Shado steals the map leading to this treasure, Osborne blackmails Arrow in to tracking her down. This backfires, as both archers are able to fend off the Yakuza assassins, and Green Arrow now has definitive proof that Osborne has gone rogue. Although Osborne again manipulates the legal system to avoid incarceration, it is implied that his partnership with the Yakuza has gone sour, and that they will target him.

Villain of Arsenal

He is not heard from again until years later, when he brainwashes Arsenal and using his daughter, Lian as leverage he sends him to assassinate Green Arrow. However, Arsenal eventually breaks free of his indoctrination, and confronts Osborne along with Green Arrow and Shado. After a tense armed standoff, the three archers kill Osborne and rescue Lian.

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