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General Information
Real name: Oliver Queen
Media: The Batman
Portrayed by: Chris Hardwick (Voice)
Equipment: Bow and Arrow, Trick Arrows
Transportation: Arrow Plane


Some background on Green Arrow was revealed in the episode Vertigo. In this episode, it is explained that Oliver Queen does "run a big company in Star City." Later in the episode, it explains how a young Oliver Queen was on his yacht when he ran into some fog on his way, and he started to feel dizzy. He saw another ship, and it had on it Count Vertigo. It then explained how he was stuck on a deserted island for two years, and became Green Arrow. The episode goes on to tell how he wants revenge on the Count.

Powers and Abilities

Green Arrow displays the abilities of a master archer, and a well-trained martial-artist.


He made a temporary appearance on the fourth season finale for The Batman, The Joining. He played a main role in the episode Vertigo.


  • It is revealed that Ollie does run Queen Industries when he offers to pay for more of a woman's hospital bill for her son.

  • Green Arrow appears in his "New-Earth" costume, but it has a more "Robin Hood" look to it.


[Note: all quotes are from the episode Vertigo.]

Green Arrow: (using an acid arrow on a wall) Concentrated acid.

Batman: Phosphorous would have been faster.

Green Arrow: Haven't I seen you before?

Alfred: Perhaps the renaissance fair?

Green Arrow: (to Alfred) You were driving that limo. The limo that belongs to ... Bruce Wayne.

Batman: Now do you see why I'm so sure of him ... Ollie?

Green Arrow: Hey! How'd you know?

Alfred: He is The Batman, after all.