Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
Green Arrow Mike Grell TLBOWH
General Information
Type: Limited Series
Total Issues: 3
Published: August, 1987 to October, 1987
Creators: Mike Grell


In this graphic tale of introspection, Green Arrow is repositioned as a realistic and relatable character who experiences and acts on true emotions. After moving to Seattle on his fortieth birthday with his girlfriend, the Black Canary, the Green Arrow begins to look back at his life and the decisions that he's made. But before the two heroes can settle in, they are drawn into a web of grisly murders, trafficked drugs and unspeakable violence. Joined by the mysterious female Yakuza archer Shado, The Emerald Archer makes a monumental split second-decision as he takes a life to save the life of the Black Canary. Intense and authentic, THE GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS is an amazing exploration into the character of Green Arrow.



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