Frederick Tuckman

Frederick Tuckman
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General Information
Real name: Frederick Tuckman
First Appearance: Judd Winick
Scott McDaniel
Created by: Green Arrow #60 (May, 2006)
Affiliations: Team Arrow
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA



Frederick Tuckman was with Ollie during the time on the island on which Oliver retrained himself. He was introduced to Ollie by Connor Hawke. Tuckman is a Buddhist. He ran the mayoral campaign for Ollie and was the advisor to Oliver Queen while he was Mayor. He knew Oliver was Green Arrow. Later, when Nudocerdo had revealed that Ollie had funded the Outsiders and called for a re-election, Tuckman went to Nudocerdo and pretended to have been defeated and got the position of Head of City Council. Since there was no acting Deputy Mayor when Ollie stepped down, Tuckman became the new mayor of Star City.

Powers and Abilities

  • None Known



  • Coming Soon

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