Frank Bertinelli (Jeffrey Nordling)

Frank Bertinelli
Frank Bertinelli Jeffrey Nordling.jpg
General Information
Real name: Frank Bertinelli
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Jeffrey Nordling



Frank Bertinelli is a Crime Boss of The Bertinelli Family. His Daughter, Helena Bertinelli, is set on destroying her father's crime empire. Frank had Helena's fiance, Michael, murdered because he thought he was going to present evidence that would take away his power. However, it was revealed that Helena was the one who intended on presenting the evidence to the F.B.I. He was recently arrested and to be sent to jail, later prison.

Powers and Abilities

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  • It was the First Live Action Appearance of Frank Bertinelli and also his First Appearance outside of the Comic Books.
  • In DC Comics, the First Name of Helena's Father is Franco and not Frank.

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