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Felicity Smoak
Felicity Smoak Emily Bett Rickards-3.jpg
General Information
Real name: Felicity Smoak
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Emily Bett Rickards
Equipment: Formerly:
Brother Eye



Felicity Smoak also known as Overwatch works in the IT Department of Queen Consolidated. She considers herself to be the most valuable member of the technical division of the company, a notion in which Walter agrees with. She is very skilled with computers and acquiring information, which results in Oliver and Walter going to her when they need info to be discretely dug up.

Helping Oliver Queen and Walter Steele

On several occasions she has been asked by Oliver Queen and Walter Steele to help them with various task on finding information for them. She first helped Oliver retrieve information off Floyd Lawton's Laptop Computer for him. An recently she has been helping Walter find information about the Secret Organization known as Tempest. She first started helping Walter when he asked her to trace were a 2.6 Million withdrawal from Queen Consolidated came from. It eventually lead to be withdrawn by Moira Queen for the organization known as Tempest. Recently Oliver came to ask for her help in tracing Arrows used by The Dark Archer thanking her for her help Oliver wished her a Merry Christmas however she tell him she is Jewish. So instead Oliver wished her a Happy Hanukkah instead.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Investigation
  • Computer Hacking: She is an accomplished computer hacker, skilled enough to break into even the most elaborate computer systems.
  • Computer Operation




  • Felicity Smoak is Jewish.


  • It was the First Live Action Appearance of Felicity Smoak. It was also her First Appearance outside of the Mainstream DC Comic Books.
  • In The Firestorm Comics, Felicity Smoak is a manager of a computer software firm and serves as a Supporting Character for the Superhero Firestorm.

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