Eddie Fyers
Eddie Fyers Sebastian Dunn
General Information
Real name: Edward Fyers
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Sebastian Dunn



Edward Fyers was a man that Oliver was captured by on Lian Yu. He at one time or another had Billy Wintergreen in employment. He was also looking for Yao Fei for unknown reasons.

Searching for Yao Fei

Some time after Oliver was shipwrecked on Lian Yu, Fyers' men captured Oliver and took him to their camp. Oliver was brought in front of him, and Fyers showed him a picture of Yao Fei, some time ago, in a military uniform. When questioned, Oliver stated that he'd never seen the man, but Fyers could easily tell that he was lying. He asked a second time, but Oliver wouldn't talk, so Fyers sent in Billy Wintergreen. Billy Wintergreen proceeded to cut in to Oliver, with Edward watching on. When Billy Wintergreen was finished, Fyers instructed him to kill Oliver, only to be stopped by Yao Fei.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Edward Fyers is the one who told Oliver the name of the island.


  • It was the first live-action appearance of Eddie Fyers and also his first appearance outside of the mainstream comic books.

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