Duke of Oil
General Information
Real name: Earl J. Dukeston
First Appearance: Outsiders vol.1 #6 (April 1986)
Created by: Mike W. Barr
Jim Aparo
Affiliations: Dukeston Oil
The Society
Abilities: Powerful cyborg limbs, control of devices



The Duke of Oil (Earl J. Dukeston) is a cyborg supervillain who has fought both The Outsiders and Green Arrow.

His first incident involving the Outsiders happens when Dukeston Oil wants to examine Station Markovia, an automated ocean research station off the coast of Los Angeles. This also is the Outsiders current headquarters.

200px-Duke of Oil 01

Duke of Oil

Geo-Force and Dr. Jace give Earl a tour of the base. After it is finished, Dukeston attacks them both. It is revealed Dukeston is an agent of unknown forces that wish to steal Jace's research. Dukestons says that twenty years ago, he was injured in an explosion at his company. He awoke in this body and was told it would take about two decades to grow a clone body. In the meantime, the Duke works as their agent.

Other members of the Outsiders appear. Looker discovers the man has no brainwaves. Katana impales the man's head with her sword and it is discovered he has no actual brain. Dukeston realizes he is fully machine. This drives him insane. He escapes into the ocean below and his body is not recovered.

He recently reappeared in Green Arrow #46 as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains. Green Arrow, the new Speedy and Arsenal deal with him and the problem of a locked-down bank that contains innocent people and a bomb. The Duke has also gained new powers of controlling nearby mechanical devices. He is subdued before he can do any lasting harm.

Powers and Abilities

  • The Duke has a malleable body and the ability to control machines telekinetically.

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