Chief Brian Nudocerdo
Brian Nudocerdo 01
General Information
Real name: Brian Nudocerdo
First Appearance: TBA
Created by: Judd Winick
Affiliations: Bad
Abilities: TBA
Portrayed by: TBA

Character History

Brian Nudocerdo is the chief of police of Star City. He is completely corrupt and has crossed swords with the city's mayor, Oliver Queen, on a number of occasions. Nudocerdo arranged for Deathstroke and Constantine Drakon to escape from prison at Alcatraz Island. Recently, he exposed Oliver Queen for financing the The Outsiders, a team that has been conducting questionable and oftentimes mercenary actions as of late. The revelation incited a city-wide scandal, and Nudocerdo demanded a recall election in an effort to indict Queen. He is currently campaigning to replace him. As Green Arrow is based on Robin Hood Nudocerdo seems to be based on the Sheffif of Notingham.

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