Reverend Billy Miggs
Billy Miggs
General Information
Real name: William Miggs
First Appearance: Green Arrow #13
Created by: James Patrick
Agustin Padilla
Affiliations: The Southern Order of Change



Billy Miggs is the head of a militant church called the Southern Order of Change that is not above doing terroristic acts in order to express their dislike of certain organizations. He refers to his followers as metal angels. His church which is really a terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of at least nine people before Miggs was captured. The church calls themselves fundamentalists however there attacks use high tech equipment and weapons like bombs, lasers and battle suits.

Villain of Green Arrow

When Miggs was being held in police custody during his transport to Arkansas he exchanged some ideology with Green Arrow and United States Federal Marshal Haley Donovan claiming that "Sin is rampant everywhere, and the sinners go unpunished" along with "I'am God's Gabriel on Earth and I have a Legion of Metal Angels which will change things" right after that Miggs's Group comes to his rescue and help him escape using flying battlesuits. After his escape Miggs commits several more murders which he always believes he is doing Gods work and punishing sinners. Miggs is finally captured for good when Green Arrow tracks down his supplier, Ralston and beats Miggs next target out of the suppiler. However still believing he is right in God's eyes doesn't believe Green Arrow can defeat him and when he finally does in anger Miggs tries to blow up the Capitol building in Washington, DC by using the self-destruct system in his battle suit. But in the end Green Arrow saves Miggs's targets while United States Federal Marshal Haley Donovan saves Miggs life. Currently Miggs is at an Arkansas Federal Prison awaiting his trail.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Battle Suits


  • Bombs
  • Lazers


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