Arrow Jet
General Information
Official name: Arrow Plane II
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #118 (July 1947)
Type: Plane
Used by: Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
Red Arrow (Roy Harper)

Origin and History

The gimmicked airplane used by Green Arrow and his sidekick Speedy during the early days of Green Arrow's career. The Arrow Plane was designed to remind of the Bat-Plane, and built during the time when Green Arrow mostly imitated the Batman's methods. However, it was in use for several years and there were many different versions of it, all with various upgrades and re-designs.

The Arrow Plane was destroyed when Green Arrow had accidentally killed a man and temporarily ended his career. Flying to a solitary place in the mountains, Green Arrow crashed the plane on purpose, ejected himself with a parachute, and walked to the Ashram Monastery where he lived for months. Green Arrow has not used a plane since then.

More recently, another version of the Arrow Plane was dusted off and used for a mission of Arsenal and members of the Titans when they battled Vandal Savage in Russia.


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