Andy Diggle
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General Information
Real name: Andrew Diggle
Media: Arrow
Portrayed by: Eugene Byrd



Born Andrew Diggle also known as Andy Diggle or Andrew Diggle Sr. is the Younger Brother of John Diggle and the late Husband of Carly Diggle and Father of A.J. Diggle as well as Brother in Law of Lyla Michaels and Uncle of Sara Diggle. He worked with his Older Brother as Body Guards for some unknown amount of time protecting such well known people of Starling City such as Tommy Merlyn, Laurel Lance and Thea Queen.

H.I.V.E and Deadshot

During some unknown period of time in 2010 Andy Diggle was protecting a client and was shot and killed by The Assassin known as Deadshot who was hired to Andy Diggle under orders from H.I.V.E. who contracted him to not just to kill Andy Diggle but also make it look like Andy Diggle's Client was the target as well. For a long time his Older Brother John Diggle believed the cover up story of how his brother was how his brother died. However John Diggle soon learned from Deadshot himself that Andy Diggle was the real target and H.I.V.E. wanted him dead. After learning this information John Diggle began to wonder why H.I.V.E. would want Andy Diggle killed so bad they would hire someone like Deadshot to kill him.

Powers and Abilities

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