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General Information
Official name: Amazo
First Appearance: Arrow
Type: Ship
Used by: Formerly:
Anthony Ivo
The Captain
The Butcher
Sara Lance
Oliver Queen
Anatoli Knyazev
Slade Wilson



The Amazo was a Ship Lead by Anthony Ivo and a Crew of Mercenaries two known Mercenary Members were The Captain and The Butcher. For a period of time Sara Lance was a Member of The Ships Crew and even a high ranking Member as well and 2nd in Command to Anthony Ivo himself. Before she became a Member of The Crew she was a Prisoner of The Ship after having been rescued from Sea. Besides Anthony Ivo being the main Leader of The Ship it had a total of three different Captains the first being The Captain and the second being The Butcher. Following those two and eventual taken control from Anthony Ivo himself Slade Wilson become The Ship's third and final Captain along with the main Leader of The Ship and it's remaining Mercenaries. However his time as Leader was short and soon ended once The War on Lian Yu ended and The Ship was destroyed in the final battle of The War.

The War on Lian Yu

Following The Ship and Crew's arrival on The Island of Lian Yu in search of The Super Soldier Serum known as Mirakuru a War broke out between The Ship's Crew and the current residents of The Island Oliver Queen, Shado and Slade Wilson. Sara Lance a short time after reuniting with Oliver Queen and The War starting left The Ships Crew and started fighting against them. The War went on for some time with losses on both sides and a great many battles in the end The Ship was destroyed and it's remains an overall wreckage lie on the shores of Lian Yu to this very day.

Members of The Ship

Former Crew

Former Prisoners




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